Check out our videos of SGW meetings, programs and everyone’s favorite, the Caterpillar Song! We made some of these ourselves, others are courtesy of our friends at NewTV. Maybe you or your friends are in these videos!

    • What is SGW?

    • A Typical SGW Meeting

    • The Caterpillar Song

    • Global Warming (Burr Elementary School 2010)


SGW Greening Our Community programs:

    • Celebrating the Earth with the Next Generation (2010)

    • The Green News Show (2011)

    • Imagine If Everyone Were Green (2012)

    • Celebrating Kids for a Greener World (2013)

    • Green Kids, Green Newton, Green World (2014)

    • Why Are YOU Green? (2015)

    • Are You Keen on Being Green? (2016)

    • Go Green or Go Home! (2017)