Links & Resources

These are some of the websites that we find useful and informative – we and our friends from age 4 and up tested these and many more. Send us your favorites to add! Visit our Games page for other educational activities.

EEK! Environmental Education for KidsWisconsin Department of Natural Resources. This electronic magazine is for kids in grades 4-8. Surf around and learn more about the great outdoors.

Energy Kid’s Page – Information, games & activities about energy for kids and teachers from the U.S. Energy Information Administration. Includes famous people, energy sources, history of energy, calculators and more.

Energy Star Kids – Your planet needs you: find out why and how you can make big changes! Includes The Quickest Ever Slideshow on Global Warming (with dinosaurs!), the Lorax, fun facts and information for parents and teachers.

EPA Kids, Students, Teachers – Want to learn about the environment? Want to share what you know with someone else? With fact-sheets, interactive games, and more, EPA’s Web site can help you with all sorts of information about EPA and the environment.

EPA Recycle City – Take a trip to Recycle City!There’s lots to do there – people and places to visit and plenty of ways to explore how the city’s residents recycle, reduce, and reuse waste.

Happy Earth Day – Downloadable PDF booklet from the US Environmental Protection Agency includes coloring and activites.

Kids Do Ecology – This site is designed to help you discover ecology!  Ecology is the study of organisms and their relationship with their surroundings.

Kids for Saving Earth – Kids for Saving Earth provides free environmental education curriculum by mail and online. Conservation, endangered species, rainforests, forests, toxic waste sites, health issues, and many more ecological concerns are covered on this website. Earth day should be every day!

NIEHS Kids’ Pages

Coloring pages, sing-along songs (and name-that-tune), corny jokes, games and activities.

(National Institutes of Health Department of Health & Human Services)

NRDC’s Green Squad – Get ready to have some fun, learn about the environment and find out what a healthy school is all about.

Planet Pals: Newton designer Judith Gorgone has a complete list of Earth Day activities, teaching aids, earth science and history on Planetpals for grown-ups and kids!

Recycle Zone
Activities and information on this site from Wastewatch. Also includes resources for teachers, and fun quizzes, songs and games.