SGW at the 2015 Newton Farmers Markets (July-October)

FM Liza & Ilan with Abby the Good Dog 531x360

Another great summer at the Farmers Markets – even with two hail incidents and a record-setting 95° day! New and returning SGW’s and interns have helped staff Green Newton’s booth at both Tuesday and Saturday markets with caterpillar-wrangling, the Magic Energy Bike, origami butterflies and frogs, various coloring projects and testing games for upcoming kids workshops! We have made friends with market visitors, the farmers and vendors, and especially Wally’s Ice Cream – not to mention all the dogs who come by to lap up our Water for Good Dogs (flavored with fish ice)!

This year’s SGW’s include Roz Aronow, Max Chalfin-Jacobs, Rafid Islam, Audrey Kissin, Fariha Mahjabin and Ava Waitz, plus SGW interns Ilan and Liza Friedman, Audrey Gagnon, Dorothy Dolan and David Karp.  Our Green Newton interns are Lal Senyurt and Wendy Yan Zhang from Newton North and Zhe Wu from Newton South (now at Northeastern University).

Thanks to everyone who contributed caterpillars and other wildlife this summer, and special appreciation to Market Manager Judy Dore and Assistant Manager Maureen Connell and their staff for all their help and good cheer!